What does it mean?

Playing Tips

To play the game, click the mouse once to get the penguin to jump. Then, as the penguin is falling, click your mouse button again to swing. If you hit the penguin, it will fly across the icy field. The objective (obviously) is to get the penguin to fly as far as possible.

Hint: After the penguin begins its jump, hold down your mouse button and then let go at the exact moment you want to swing to improve your accuracy.

The penguin will land in one of two ways: head-first or bouncing. If you hit the penguin high, it will fly through the air belly-first, soaring upward (sometimes off the screen) and landing in the snow head first. Hit the penguin at its highest point in the freefall to get the most distance.

While landing the penguin head-first looks really cool, you'll need to bounce the penguin to get the high scores. Hit the penguin just a little lower to get him soaring nose-first through the air. If you hit the penguin too low, it won't glide very far. Hit it just right to get him gliding high. The penguin will bounce a few times before skidding to a stop.

Common scoring variations include getting the highest bounce score, the highest head-first score, or even the lowest score. Because there are so many scoring variations in the game, people still haven't gotten tired of playing it. (Yes, this means you!)

The Games

  • Original Demo - This is the one that started it all! This game is a rough demo of what was to become Yetisports 1. The gameplay is identical to the finished version below. All of the hacked versions below are based on this game.
  • Yetisports 1 - Yetisports 1 has better graphics, a high score display and fast-paced game play. Two new editions are available on the Yetisports site. Yetisports 1 SE allows you to rotate the penguin in flight, allowing much higher scores, and the multiplayer edition allows you to challenge other players online.
  • Longshot I - In the first hack of the original, the penguin soars nearly twice as far. There are no markers past the 300 point, so it appears that the programmer simply hacked the game to make the penguin fly farther. It is much easier to hit the penguin head-first into the snow, but the hard part is getting the penguin to bounce. You'll have to hit the penguin just a tad lower than in the original game to get it to bounce.
  • Longshot II - Similar to the first longshot hack, but the penguin flies much farther and faster. Again, there are no markers past 300. Contrary to the other versions, you have to land the penguin head-first to get the high scores (Hint: Hit the penguin at its highest point in the fall).
  • Parphenos - A nice hack by Parphenos. The graphic on the rock links to the creator's Livejournal page. This version has markers past the 300 point, and the penguin can fly even farther, well over the 1000 mark! You'll have to hit the penguin even lower to get it to bounce, though.
  • Bounce - Penguin minus gravity. As with the other hacks, you'll have to hit the penguin very low to get the high scores. This penguin will bounce for a long time, so go eat a sandwich, read a book, and do your taxes while waiting for your score to pop up.
  • Popfly - This penguin shoots straight up, no matter how you hit him. You'll wonder if he's ever coming back down!
  • Random Bounce - This game-with-a-twist features a penguin that bounces randomly (even backwards!) with increasing momentum. The game is a little buggy; if the penguin bounces backwards off the right edge of the screen, the game will need to be reloaded.
  • Gory - This crude, gory hack features lots of blood, a dismembered bouncing penguin head and landmines!
  • Russian Parody - In this, the first parody version, you smack a fat woman instead of a penguin. Several links to Russian web portals are encoded in the game.
  • Mili & Tary Part 1 - In this copycat parody, two hapless army recruits smack live grenades (and each other) instead of penguins. Several games are available. (German)
  • Shooting Game - In this knockoff, aim your crosshairs to shoot at bouncing penguins. Like shooting fish in a barrel!


  • Geekfocus - All of the demo hacks are available here.
  • Lethal Penguin - Several demo hacks, plus Yetisports and other penguin games.
  • Longshot - Original site, plus other Yetisports games.
  • Gory - Original site.